What Is Going On With The bitcoin Halving?

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A potential “Bitcoin Halving Event” could occur at any time. If this happens there will be two effects that most traders and investors would be affected by. One of these is a reduction in value of the currencies of those that participate in the system. This decrease is typically temporary and most investors can get back their initial investment before the trend reverses.

Bitcoin Halving Event


A Bitcoin halving event would be a negative for miners as well. A miner who is experiencing a loss in profit will decrease their hashrate production in order to protect themselves from further loss. The production of new blocks becomes more difficult, which in turn lowers the price of the average transaction on the network. This trend also reduces the overall inflation of the currency and the rate of new Bitcoins entering circulation.

Bitcoin halving

Although the price of bitcoins has dropped considerably over the last few months, it is still far from being at the level that could make it a viable form of exchange. Even if the current price per coin were to fall to that level, there would not be enough buyers to balance out the supply of sellers. Investors that trade with large amounts of money also run the risk of not being able to get their hands on all the coins they purchase. There are a number of possible outcomes that can result from a major or minor increase in the price of bitcoins. The events described here are scenarios that are more likely to occur during major Lite Coin halving events.

The first is a complete block halving takes place. At every block reward transaction there is a new transaction fee that is paid. Block rewards take up to 15 minutes to process and are subject to capacity limitations. If there is not enough activity on the network to keep fees low then the users of Litecoins will begin to lose confidence in the system and may begin to move their money to an alternative digital currency that has less transaction fees.

Another scenario is the Bitcoin halving described above but only occurs if the total number of coins in circulation is growing by more than 5% per year. It is an extremely unlikely event to happen but it does happen. At such time there will be pressure from both miners and consumers to start using the new cryptographic currencies that enter the marketplace. Once these new currencies are launched, there will be a rush of buyers who will buy up all the existing bitcoins at once pushing prices sky high. This causes a chain reaction effect where sellers attempt to get their hands on all the bitcoins they can before the prices spike again and competition drives prices even higher.

The third scenario is a Litecoin bust. This happens when there is no longer any demand for bitcoins because there is no longer any activity on the network. All miners are prevented from producing more blocks, or users stop using the network all together. When this happens then miners are faced with two options. They can either sit on their laurels and wait for the market to rebalance itself (which it may do several times in the future) or they can start producing more blocks and receive a portion of the mined rewards in return.

Regardless of which scenario plays out, the major winners here are the miners and those who operate computing infrastructure on the cloud. There are two major advantages to using these cheaper cryptocoins. First, by utilizing them you free up capital that could be used to expand your business and create new bitcoins. Secondly, you can continue to receive guaranteed secure income as long as the network is in operation. This is a major advantage over most other forms of income generating systems because without the need to mine new bitcoins or purchase expensiveICOAs, there is no way to produce additional income.

The second major benefit is the increase in liquidity and demand for cheaper and more secure services. Because there will always be people who want a service that provides superior security at a lower price than the most popular service, it will be very easy for such businesses to thrive and create new bitcoins. When the Bitcoin halving occurs, we will once again see a significant increase in the number of merchants and buyers that transact on the open source network. During this time period many traders may be confused about which currencies to invest in. As the price of one currency rises against another, we will see a proportional increase in the number of buyers and sellers across both asset classes.

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