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Rollover 401(k) to Gold IRA [Regal Assets]

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Rollover 401k to Gold IRA - Regal Assets

Can I rollover my 401(k) into a gold IRA?

  • Short anwser: YES.

Want to know how?

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It is said that you cannot accumulate a vast amount of wealth from your eight to five job. It can only be achieved by making investments and engaging in other passive income activities. Now, if you love the idea of investing, you may have thought of several investment options that you can go into. 

One, you can invest in stock markets. However, doing so becomes a scary thought considering how volatile the market is. Yes, some people have made millions from the stock markets, but what about the greater percentage that has lost their money in the same markets? 

Secondly, you can get into crypto trade or invest in precious metals. If you are tech-savvy and are much awed by how the blockchain industry is growing and the high returns that investors are getting from cryptocurrencies, then you will definitively want to trade in them. On the other side, you can choose to focus on precious metals alone. Over time, precious metals have proven to have quite a stability and offer high returns which makes them a good investment option. 

Gold bars - 401k rollover

However, who said that you are limited to only investing in one option? What if you desire to diversify your investment portfolio with precious metals, and cryptocurrencies all together? If that sounds like you, then you will need to find a platform that allows you easily trade in both; and that’s what Regal Assets does. 

In this review, we shall take a close look into the Regal Assets IRA company, what it offers the benefits of investing with it, and much more. Read on. 


Who are Regal Assets? 

Regal Assets is an American company that provides investors with a platform to buy and sell precious metals and also cryptocurrencies. It is important to point out that Regal Assets also provides investment options for retirees. You can easily rollover 401(k) to gold IRA account. However, if you do not yet have a 401(k) account, you can directly open a Regal IRA and start investing in gold. 

We cannot fail to mention that the Regal Assets IRA program is the first alternative assets program in the word which allows people to invest in both digital currencies and old metals. Also, it is important to point out that the Regal Asset’s investment process is approved by the US internal revenue service body, is transparent and secure. 

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History and background 

Regal Assets is one of those companies that came about from a single person’s dream. It was established in 2009 by Tyler Gallagher. With $5,000 as the only starting capital, Tyler banked on his dream and vision of simplifying and rejuvenating the alternative assets market that was operating under oppressive bureaucracy and restrictions. 

With determination, Regal Assets grew spontaneously without any additional capital from Tyler. Eleven years down the line and Regal Assets has grown from a one-man company to a leading alternative assets company globally. 

The success that this company has achieved over the years can be seen from the recognition they’ve received from leading publications and institutions. It has been featured on Forbes, Smart Money and the Huffington Post, among others. 

It is also worth noting that Regal Assets currently ranks at position 20 in the list of the best financial service providers in the United States of America. 


401k Gold IRA rollover


Should you trust Regal Assets? 

What clients say: Client Experiences

As an investor, you would want to invest in a company that you can trust, and that’s justified. So, can you trust Regal Assets? 

Yes. This is a company that’s based its operations on putting their clients first. It is the only company that’s got no complaints on major review sites like Trust link, Bird eye, and BBB. One thing that’s made it possible for Regal Assets to achieve such great results is that it does not use a pushy approach when handling their clients. Also, the company focuses on educating their clients before they are allowed to make any transaction. That is why the company is currently offering TradingGator readers a free rollover IRA kit  (limited offer!).

The kit is meant to help clients familiarize with the 401k to gold rollover process. If you request for the kit, it comes with a copy of Forbes magazine to help you learn more about the financial industry, a documentary movie that provides all necessary information on the gold IRA market. With these tools, you will be at a better place to understand the precious metals market and how to go about with investing in it. Here you can get a free IRA and 401(k) Rollover Guide.

The kit also provides company information including the available products, fees charged, and a 10-year silver coin. 

BirdEye Customer Review of Regal Assets

Another factor that makes Regal Assets a trustworthy company is that it has received numerous endorsements from celebrities such as Lars Larson of the Lars Larson show, Dennis Miller and Laura Ingraham for its good services and profitability.  

Aside from the known endorsements, there are other celebrities like Kevin O’Leary and Tony Robbins that advocate for people to invest in these precious metals. 

The site also provides a long list of billionaires and millionaires that have invested on their platform. You can view the list here. 

If you want to sell or buy precious metals, trade in cryptocurrency or rollover 401(k) to gold IRA, Regal Assets is the company you would want to trust to make your investment experience a good one. 

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What Does Regal Assets Offer? 

As already stated above, Regal Assets offers a platform for investors to buy and sell gold, as well as other precious metals like silver. One major advantage that the precious metals hold over the stocks, shares and bonds is that they are stable and do not depend on the economic situations of a country. This makes them a smart investment for you if you want to secure your retirement portfolio. 


Products offered by Regal Assets 


Precious metals

One of the best ways that you can secure your future is by investing in the precious metals provided by Regal Assets. Mostly because the precious continue to increase in value and are quite stable compared to other investment options like stocks. Regal Assets allows you to invest in either gold bars and futures. 

Other common precious metals available on Regal Assets include silver, platinum and palladium. Investing in these metals ensures that you’ve diversified your investment portfolio well enough. For years now, Regal Assets remains to be the top company in the gold IRA industry. 

Regal Assets is offering TradingGator readers an exclusive limited offer of a FREE IRA Gold Kit.


The Gold Price

Price of Gold



Digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have proven over the years that they can be a great investment option. And if you need to broaden your investment portfolio, Regal Assets gives you the chance to buy and sell some of the coins available in the market. Popular cryptocurrencies offered by Regal Assets include Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Ripple, Stellar and Litecoin. However, you can always contact their customer support to find out what other coins they support. 

The benefit of investing in cryptocurrency using Regal Assets is that you can get a broker to help you watch the market and advise you on the appropriate moves to make so that you reduce risks. 

It is also important to point out that cryptocurrencies can give some of the highest returns if well traded. Although precious metals are the most stable, cryptocurrencies will drive the future considering how blockchain is already disrupting various industries. That’s why Regal Assets offers the cryptocurrencies. 


The Bitcoin Price

Price of Bitcoin



If you love precious jewelry, then Regal Assets has got you covered. It gives the opportunity to invest in them. And it is not just any type of watch but the Franck Muller luxury watches. You can sell the watches when they increase in value or hold them as a symbol of success. 

As of now, Regal Assets offers two types of investment packages with different investment minimums: 

  1. The first package is the $5,000 merchant package. This is meant for those investors that wish to invest in precious metals that can be easily liquidated. 
  2. The second package is the $10,000 knighthood package. This package is suitable for you if you want to offer financial coverage for your entire family. 

However, it is important to point out that there are more investment portfolios for professional investors that would like to invest a little bit more money. Regal Assets provides a $25k Legacy Portfolio, $50,000 Kingship portfolio, a $100,000 Dynasty Portfolio, and a $250,000+ Coronation Portfolio. The four packages differ in the following ways: 

  1. The $25,000 legacy portfolio has been designed to suit investors interested with crypto and metals with immediate profit potential. 
  2. The $50,000 Kingship portfolio is designed in a way that it protects against inflation in the economy. If you invest in this package, you can rest assured that the value of your investment will remain the same even when rampant inflation takes place. 
  3. The $100k Dynasty Portfolio is designed to accommodate your retirement plan. It is specially made by a team of specialist from the Regal Assets company. The package offers very high returns, insurance against economic uncertainty and inflation. 
  4. The largest package, the $250,000 Coronation Portfolio. This is a package made for investors with high net worth and that wish to accumulate more wealth over a long period. 
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Why should you choose Regal Assets 

If you want to invest in alternative assets, here are some of the reasons that make Regal Assets the best option for you. 

It is a good performer 

As an investor, you would want to put your money where you are assured of results. That can only be possible if you invest with a platform that has exhibited exemplary performance over the years that it has been in operation. And Regal Assets fits the description. 

From the notable recognitions that the company has gotten over the years, it is with no doubt that it is a good performer. Regal Assets prides itself on the spotless performance that it has been able to achieve over the years. It has over 1300 reviews on bird eye and more than 1,200 are all five-star ratings. If you carry out a Regal Assets reviews search on your search engine today, you will only come across praises for the company. The company holds an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau. 


Flat Fees 

As a retired individual, your monthly income reduces and it is therefore not for your benefit to work with a company that charges fees on your retirement account. All retirement accounts on Regal Assets are subject to a flat fee of $250 regardless of how much you are investing. There’s also another bonus for you, as you rollover 401 (k) to a gold IRA account, there’s a waiver on the fees charged on year one. You will only be required to pay as from the second year. 


Fast Shipping 

Convenience is at the core of Regal Asset’s objectives. Should you want to have some of your gold out of the storage units, the processing and transportation will only take a maximum of seven days. Regal Assets offers this fast delivery as a guarantee to all its clients. However, if by any reason the delivery is not done within the agreed seven days, you are given an extra silver American Eagle coin. 

BirdEye Customer Review of Regal Assets Gold 401k


It offers Segregated Storage 

One thing that makes Regal Assets to stand out is that it provides segregated storage for its clients at affordable rates. Other companies offer segregated storage but at exorbitant fees.Regal Assets has partnered with some of the leading institutional vault providers in the world to ensure that their client’s metals are well stored.  

Segregated storage is quite secure because it ensures that your coins or gold bars are not stored in one place; they are separated and stored in different locations. The storage is not shared with any other investor, which ensures that you have complete control over your storage unit. 

It is also important to note that all metals stored by Regal Assets are insured against. This ensures that your investment is well protected against losses that can occur in case of theft, or risks such as a fire. 

With Regal Assets, you will only have to pay a flat rate of $250 every year for the storage of your metals, unlike their competitors who charge a percentage of the client’s investment. 


Great expertise with Gold IRA Rollovers 

Your success as a gold investor and also with cryptocurrency trading greatly relies on finding a company that has a good understanding of both industries. You also need a company that has a good knowledge of the ins and outs of the IRA rollovers as well as other rules. Making some simple mistakes like filing the incorrect tax documents or trading in assets not approved for IRA, can end up costing you a lot more. 

The benefit with Regal Assets is that over the years, a significant percentage of their revenue is generated from IRA rollovers, and this assures you that they are fully aware of how to handle your account. As an investor, you need such a company to manage your investment.

FREE Rollover Guide 


This is how the site looks like where you can collect your free rollover guide. You’ll also get at couple of other goodies.

Regal Assets Gold Investment Kit Page


What’s there not to like about Regal Assets 

It has high account minimums 

If you are a newbie investor that wants to get into alternative assets with a small capital, Regal Assets may not be for you. The company has high account minimums with its lowest being the $5,000 merchant package. This is a figure that’s not easily affordable for most investors. 


What Is A 401k To Gold IRA Rollover? 

A gold IRA is similar to any other type of IRA. The only difference is that with the gold IRA, you will be holding bars and bullions instead of paper assets like with other IRAs. A gold IRA rollover is where you transfer your paper assets like the 401(k) to the physical gold bars. 


A 4-step to rollover your 401(k) to gold IRA 

As a retiree, your pension fund alone may not be enough to sustain your lifestyle. That’s why you need to find good investment options to get into. Regal Assets allows you to rollover 401(k) to gold IRA which has good returns. But before we proceed on you can rollover 401(k) to gold IRA, let’s look at what it is. 

The rollover is quite easy since the processing of the transfer is majorly done by Regal Assets. For you to rollover 401(k) to gold IRA, you have to follow the following steps:


401k Gold IRA Rollover Infographic (1)

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Step 1 – Account Application

You will have to fill out an account application form. Your account will be made accessible in less than 48 hours. However, if you already have an account with Regal Assets, you do not need to open a new account. You can directly rollover your 401(K) to the existing account. You’ll find a detailed guide here.


Step 2 – Transfer of Funds

Both custodians receive your signed document requesting for the transfer of the funds in your retirement account into the gold IRA account. The bank and Regal Assets will coordinate efforts to ensure that the rollover is done according to the IRS rules. 


Step 3 – Funds Received

Once the 401k gold IRA rollover is complete, you can now fund the account; using part of the funds from the 401(k) or the entire amount. 


Step 4 – Start Investing

Buy your bars and gold bullions. There is a wide range of precious metal bullions and bars that you can choose from Regal Assets. You can also contact a specialist from Regal Assets to advise you in the buying process. 


Why you should rollover 401(k) to gold IRA? 

Holding your 401(k) has its benefits, and you may not want to let go. However, it is important to point out that your 401(k) has its drawbacks and here’s why you should consider rolling it to a gold IRA. 

Billionaires are investing in gold and crypto


A more extensive investment choice with IRAs 

The thing with most 401(K) is that the investment options are limited. If you are not satisfied with the options, you can ask your employer to add more, but it is not a guarantee that they will agree. That is why it is best to roll it over into an IRA account. The Regal Assets gold IRA will allow you to invest in various bullions and bars, and with Regal Assets, you also get help on how to invest in gold in IRA. 


Gold IRA has lower fees 

All 401(k) accounts charge fees. The fees include the fee schedule charged by the investment brokerage, and also the type of investments in your 401(k) may also have their fees. Additionally, if you are employed by a small company, that means that the hefty 401(k) administrative fees will be levied heavily on the small number of employees. This can significantly reduce your profits. 

These fees combined can be quite high compared to the gold IRA. Regal Assets charges only a flat rate of $250 annually, and there’s an exemption for your first year after rolling over. So why not rollover 401k into gold IRA today? 

Gold's performance in times of crisis


You get to manage your money from one place 

Managing your savings after you’ve retired is a possible task, but it can be hectic. The best option is for you to have the portfolio managed from one place. When you rollover 401(k) to gold IRA, it gives you a single place to see all fees and investments, make centralized decisions without having to log in and out of various platforms. 


Continued tax deferral 

Probably one of the biggest advantages that you get when you rollover 401(k) to gold IRA is that you can still enjoy the tax-deferred status you were getting from your retirement status. 

However, it is important to understand that some things have to be done correctly for you to get the continued tax deferral. You have to re-deposit the money into the new gold IRA account withing sixty days. If you do not do it within the 60-day window, you will be liable for taxes. 

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Frequently asked questions  


Is it possible to resell precious metals at any time?  

Yes. You can always sell back your assets at any time you decide to. Regal Assets ensures that clients can liquidate their assets quick enough when they need to by making the process an easy one.  

If you wish to liquidate, contact the customer support, and the process will be immediately initiated.  


Can one store their bars and bullions in any country?  

Regal Assets offers storage options in all the developed countries. Some countries even have more than five vaults where you can store your assets. You can always find out if there’s a storage vault in your country by contacting customer support.  


Is it possible to deliver metals to any part of the world?  

Regal Assets offers delivery of precious metals to all developed countries in the world using secure couriers like G4S, and Transguard. To find out whether delivery can be done to your country, contact customer support.  


Are there tax penalties for a 401(k) rollover to gold IRA?  

Absolutely no tax ramifications if you to rollover your retirement plan into any precious metal on Regal Assets. 


Are you interested in trading and investing outside your 401(k) plan? We recommend you visit this list of reputable online brokers.


Final take 

Regal Assets has shown exemplary performance in the years it has been operational, and it provides you with a great opportunity to accumulate more wealth. It is safe to say that it is a trusted company that you can invest in without any worries. 

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Or, just claim a free gold IRA kit here.

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