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The news on Blockchain is coming thick and fast! It has already been featured on both Fox News and CNN. This news has been created out of curiosity and interest by a few entrepreneurs who have chosen to document this new technology. This news on the Internet will be discussed in great detail throughout the coming weeks and months.

news on Blockchain

In this first article, we will look at news on Blockchain from both a business and personal perspective. A personal perspective is always important when discussing any news on any topic. A few people consulted whole team on their blogs and other sites to keep constantly informed on the latest news on Blockchain. Here are the top three blog sites which made the cut.

London based Cryptocurrency andICO publisher, Planetchain, has created a short explainer on what is Blockchain and why should you care. They cover the basics, and get into the more detailed explanation below. There is also a brief description of the concept in the post itself. Other than Cryptocurrency andICO, the Cryptography Academy has also created a great explainer on what is Blockchain. Their primary focus is how to use the technology and its underlying principles for private secure payment with smart contract execution.

Finally, a great explainer on the latest news on Blockchain from a professional point of view comes in the form of James Larsen, CEO of Augment Wealth Management. His firm focuses on hedge funds and their investment strategy. He covers the basics of how to hedge and the best choice currencies to follow. In the summary he includes a list of the most popular cryptos, the trend lines and why he believes some are undervalued. His final point is to explain the need for diversification across asset classes and how this can help a portfolio. The list of currencies he discusses includes Bhat, Forex, Gold, S&P 500, ETFs, Cash Position, Gold, Silver and ETFs.

This article was brought to you by the Cryptocurrency Marketing Association (CMA). This is the professional association that promotes best practice standards for trading and investing in all key emerging and developing economies. The CMA defines the term “blockchain technology” as an open source technology that allows individuals and organizations to trade and executeICO, CFD, Gox, Forex, and other virtual currencies. This is the latest development within the field of Cryptocurrencies andICO is just one example of how the industry is growing and maturing.

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The fourth newsletter in the series covers the quarter view of the latest developments and trends regarding the world of Cryptocurrencies andICO. This quarter views the overview of the first four months of 2021. News on the subject of the state of play in the world of Cryptocurrencies andICO continue with posts covering the growth of Litecoin, how Dogecoins are going and if any big changes are on the way in Dogecoin. Other articles in this series cover important topics such as why investors should buy Doge Coins, what makes Dash different and more. News on the subject of the world of Cryptocurrencies andICO continues throughout the entire year.

The fifth and last newsletter in the series, released in late August and early September, focuses on developments in India, a country that is an emerging leader in the field of digital currencies and is well known for its stable government and economy. News on the subject of the world of Cryptocurrencies andICO continue with posts covering the progress of Dash, what makes the Waves Platform unique, how Indian investors can take advantage of the Waves Platform, why Bapko has been chosen as the company behind Omisego and more. News on the subject of the state of play in the world of Cryptocurrencies andICO move forward throughout the year with constant posts on the subject. All of the material in the second year of the series has been posted in the newsletter.

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