Finding the Best Gold Investing and Investment Newsletters

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There are plenty of gold investing and investment newsletters on the market today. All of them have something good to say about gold as an investment and as a way of securing your financial future in case of a financial crisis. Gold investment newsletters often tell you what the gold market is doing in relation to other investments. These are particularly useful when you don’t have the time or experience to do your own research. Here are some tips on how you can sift through these newsletters to find those that are worth subscribing to.

gold investing and investment newsletters

One of the best ways of investing in gold is to get a good gold newsletter which provides you with a regular overview of the gold market. You will know whether to invest in gold bullion, gold coins or physical gold itself. There are also various gold trading strategies explained in these newsletters. Investing in gold can be an attractive way to diversify your assets.

Many investors are buying gold bullion because they are growing in value. Gold coins are also gaining in popularity because of their historical significance and limited supply. It is not easy to get physical gold but it is easier to trade digital gold online. The latter is becoming more popular because you can trade in shares and it is easier to track the price movements of gold. When you buy gold coins or bullion you are diversifying your holdings but you are still likely to see good results if you buy in small amounts.

As a new investor you should do your research before you start buying gold coins or bars. If you decide to buy gold investing in shares there are many places where you can learn about them from qualified professionals. You may want to buy gold coins rather than bars. They make great retirement investments because you can increase and decrease your holding without having to sell your gold. You will need to pay taxes on any gold sales but this can be avoided by making smaller gold investments early in your career.

Gold bars are also good for a quick way of acquiring physical gold. By going to pawnshops you can pick up gold bars of any quantity that you need. There is also gold exchange traded on the commodities exchanges. You can buy one ounce of gold for less than five dollars US and it can be stored in any secure location like a bank safe deposit box. Even if the gold doesn’t increase in price you can sell it for a profit because there is no physical metal in it.

If you choose to invest in gold coins as an alternative to bars you have several alternatives. One of these is investing in proof coins which are like gold bullion but they carry a government seal. Proof gold coins are nice because they are limited in supply, highly collectible and have reasonable prices. Gold proof coins don’t have the same appeal as bullion but they are a good alternative to coins. Another option is gold mutual funds.

Mutual funds are popular investments but some of them have gold in them. Gold mutual funds are not a good choice for beginners because they require extensive research to learn what gold stocks would be profitable. If you invest in gold mutual funds you may also encounter the “gold bug”. People who invest in gold coins do so because of the belief that gold coins will appreciate in value just like physical gold.

There are several gold investing and investment newsletters that offer information about gold as part of their portfolio. Be sure you do your homework before you subscribe. Get information from several different kinds of sources and don’t be afraid to spend money. Investing in gold will give you a lifetime of income if you do it right. Good gold investing and investment newsletters will provide you with all of the facts that you need to know about gold investments to help you make the right investment decision.

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