Capitalist Exploits Review (Investing for 300% + Returns)

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Capitalist Exploits Review - Overview


Capitalist Exploits

  • Highly regarded investment newsletter
  • Monthly investment opportunities
  • Focuses on high return investments
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Great value for money


Capitalist Exploits is a company whose interest is selling financial concepts aiming to gain between five and ten plus. They run a subscription whose gain is significant on top of this.

They also provide the following: An annual Insider, a financial service that runs weekly and private communication with fund managers.

In this review of Capitalist Exploits, we will give you everything you need to know to safely use their free newsletter or their paid investment report.

Stick to the end to see the unique investment opportunity going on right now!

Capitalist Exploits Customer Reviews Trustpilot

Source: Customer Reviews of Capitalist Exploits on Trustpilot

Our Capitalist Exploits Review: The People

Capitalist Exploits management consists of a top financial management team, consisting of business people and financial experts. Each of them plays a significant role in the management of Capitalist Exploits. Let’s look at each one of them.

Chris Macintosh

Chris MacIntosh - Founder of Capitalist Exploits

He is the founder and guru of Capitalist Exploits. He has experience in starting and establishing a few million-dollar worths of businesses.

Having improved his business finances at over sixty percent return in investments in a decade, Chris has thought of it as a good idea to give out his strategies at a low price. That’s the idea behind Capitalist Exploits.

He has business investments that run globally, even though he sold most of them. Chris feels that business persons do not have the right knowledge in financials needed to take over the markets. Due to the lack of such knowledge, they are likely to fail and be like every other average people.

Unlike many investors who have no time for others, or when you get across them, they reveal their arrogance; Chris is a down to earth man. He went against the grain in his investments and would love those interested in following suit and getting wealth.

Those who have tried the investment and succeeded usually call for those that want to be like them to be trusted to Chris’s investment advice.

Chris has worked as an investment analyst for several high-profile firms and banking institutions like JPMorgan and Robert Fleming, and Co.

He left and started a firm whose concern is in real estate investments, worked at the early stages in a capital investment company, was a Hedge fund manager, Co-owned an opportunity fund firm.

Jamie Keech

Jamie Keech - Co-founder of Capitalist Exploits

Another important figure at Capitalist Exploits is the Co-founder Jamie Keech, who is also the leading figure in investment and resources. He is a certified engineer with a long working experience in the mining sector for companies in Canada that deal with minerals extraction.

Recently, he took a change in his route to issuing consultancy and financial services related to mining and co-founded two other firms in venture capitals. Jamie Keech has been talking about how silver is vital on a social streaming site, YouTube.

As a man with a high affinity for lucrative investment opportunities, he went ahead and practiced what he preached and bought silver. The price of silver has since shot up in recent times, proving what he had earlier foreseen.

He is a crucial organ of a team where each of them has proven that their ideologies work and produce outstanding results. Not to forget to mention that all that capital comes from their money.

Brad McFadden

Brad McFadden - Head of trading and capital exploitation at Cap Exploits

He is the head of trading and capital exploitation. He also holds a position at Glenorchy Capital as a Manager Partner. He has experience in managing high-value privately-owned funds.

They work hand in hand with Chris in the management of funds and execution of asymmetric strategies.

He is a talented writer and author for the capitalist exploits blog and has managed the proprietary trading book for South Africa and Australia-based Rand Merchant Bank.

As a master trader, he has a sharp eye for identifying investment opportunities and applying strategies that bring big payoffs.

Harris (Kuppy) Kupperman

Harris Kupperman - Founder of hedge fund Praetorian Capital,

He founded a hedge fund based in Florida called Praetorian Capital, a strategic investment company, which ensured that every dollar invested, in its first five years, would be worth more than $26 before deducting fees.

He is also known as the founder of Mongolia Growth Group which focuses on investments in this bubbling economy.

Kuppy is a talented investor whose strategies thrive in a highly liquid economic environment. This quality makes his presence in the team essential.


The Company

Capitalist Exploits Review

Many might never understand that Capitalist Exploits has other services much more than picking a stock. This combination is an essential tool that investors can apply to make their profits soar.

The company provides financial services that overtake their rivals by far. They believe that their investment ideas are tailored towards the modern-day time, meaning that they have timely investment advice that can succeed.

Capitalist Exploits Trustpilot Review from Customer 1

Capitalist Exploits feel that the central government banks globally have worked together over the years and created turmoil, both economically and politically. That’s why their services use reason as a stepping ground.

They hold it that these banks might come up with financial adjustments and the pricing of commodities would be moved as never seen before.

To get the best from Capitalist Exploits, you pay a subscription fee to get subscribed. After the subscription, the company gives trading signals and weekly reports on the market analysis.

All subscribers also get investment ideas and instructions on how to execute them from professionals in the investment sector.

Capital Exploits’ newest financial indulgence is investing in agriculture. The covid-19 pandemic and the lockdowns that followed have greatly affected food security and the entire food supply chain globally.

This disruption has in turn led to an upsurge in food prices. The company holds that smaller investments might result in somebody getting wealthy after some time.

Is the company trustworthy? I believe it is. Because it’s licensed by the relevant authority with no shadowy people behind it instead, a group of well-known investors whose investment experienced is readily available on the internet.

Capitalist Exploits Review - Recognitions

It also avails real analysis of its members concerning investment information and successes of its membership.

It’s important to note that once you have availed your monies for investment, the company cannot access your funds. You get your account and can decide when to withdraw from it.

Due to the nature of service, Capitalist Exploits do not have access to your investments or your finances. You decide when and where to invest by yourself on your brokerage account.

They can’t take off with your investment funds like scammers have been known.

The cost of investment information provided by Capitalist Exploits might be what you may want to hear. The firm offers two choices:

First, there is a free service to get to be a member. Here, there is content, an investment newsletter, and some blogs.

It’s a great way of getting to have an idea of what the Capitalists Exploits entails. Through reading them, you may end up buying into their investments since you’ll have a better understanding of their activities.

The free newsletter is not a trial service; instead, it’s something that you can use for as long as you wish once you’re subscribed. For a price of I $1,995 per annum, which is paid once a year, one can assess over seventy available investments readily available to buy.

A paid subscription gives you a report on financials, community membership, question and answer time each month, specific reporting, and the latest investment trends.

Free Newsletter

Capitalist Exploits Free Newsletter

As the name suggests, the free newsletter is free. You can get informed on how a member has successfully invested and know how they did it without paying a dime.

It has a subscription in tens of thousands; they range from experienced and new investors, fund managers, financial researchers, and those managers in charge of a hedge fund.


The crucial newsletter has an in-depth look at existing investment chances because of the world trade’s current confusion.

It offers clients several trading platforms at no fee. The free newsletter readers make inquiries and are often supported and given and recommended to the appropriate investment, which is usually followed by relevant, educative tools at all times.

The freebie includes creating overseas companies, providing online protection, further readings, recommendations, and brokers working with them.

To access such free information, one needs to open a brokerage account that can hold trading for several financial tools.

A capitalist Exploits broker recommendation is global and can assist in the execution of all investments.


Capitalist Exploit Insider

Check out Insider here –>

Insider is the most popular service provided by Capitalist Exploits. It mainly works when you subscribe to investment advice and trading signals. Its investment ideology is based on longer-times and aims at increasing investments by between five and ten percent. It’s a newsletter service.

The data contained in the newsletter captures the in-depth of the founder and his member’s investment path.

For the folks who are always occupied and get no time to analyze trade and make investment decisions, Insider can be a better option. It gives such individuals ample time to do other activities or enjoy with their family.

It’s also handy for those who do not know how and where they should get started.

Insider is global, and it doesn’t matter where one is located; wherever they are, Insider can still inform them of the available investment chances with big profits.

Capitalist Exploits is a real, registered company with real people behind it. Moreover, it is not a Scam or a marketing strategy. It is a legit company with professionals on board.

The company allows members to invest in the same way they do, and they do not hold it against anyone copying them. The right side is that all investment explanations they offer are detailed.

On top of that, you won’t be losing money since they can refund you within a month should you not feel like investing with them.

There are two types of Insider;

  • Yearly Insider where the investment advice comes with guidance on how to execute them.
  • Weekly Insider is where investment advice is given every seven days.

The above insiders can result in a safe and profiting investment. One can get to know how to manage money and smart investing.

Insider weekly has some similarities with Insider. It can invite a person to check closely at what each investment sector has to offer. One gets to be notified on financials with high turnovers.

It costs less than the Insider and gives little data on financials. The package comes with getting to know the top stocks that the company had interests in, getting to read about the investor’s experience, advice, and what they observed as far as trading is concerned.

Weekly Insider is for the trader who wants to gain their profits monthly. If one does not like the service, they are free to get off it. The chance provided by the package allows an investor to put their money with the experienced traders, hence, making it a less dangerous option with high profitability capacity.

The box is not small, and it comes with new advice every week, which is many pages long, all for your investment success.

The Insider gives you the following:

  • Access to paid investment advice and other services at a subscription that is paid yearly.
  • Analytical reports that consist of many pages of professional investment in-depth analysis in all the relevant sectors required.
  • Investing ideas that target more than five percent in profits annually, the views result from an expert’s research on various investment portfolios.

The founder and team have a weekly letter with necessary updates on their weekly aim, followed by stock trading advice for the readers.

The note features:

  • Equity monitored
  • In-depth analytical reports on various investment portfolios.
  • Updates concerning the previous information.
  • Extra information from multiple partners and volunteers.

Every month, one also gets an opportunity to ask the founder, Chris, any query concerning investment, including financial ideas, fund management, etc.

A webinar is usually in place on a monthly period, with checks on the sectors that exist at the moment, among others.  One can also be part of a community whose discussions are based on discussing and picking holes in business ideologies, sharpening an investors’ skills, and meeting across the globe with other members to discuss investments.


Resource Insider

Capitalist Excploits - Resource Insider

Resource Insider is a newsletter that’s investment geared. However, it is not your typical investment newsletter. What you’ll become is an informed investment deal maker.

The company behind it, Capitalist Exploits, goes worldwide to gather data about the availability of natural resources investments globally.

The newsletter is in a group of its own, written by experts in mining and financial and investment and not a marketing trick. They use their knowledge and research to offer members financial advice participation. You are going to be given facts that will enable you to make a decision based on them.

The investment experts explore new mining areas and work on a project across the continents, with profound research done in the fields and analysis carried out in meeting rooms with a team of expert fund managers.

The managers usually do that; they invest their capital in a business and share the exact terms with their members to ensure that they follow the same path.

They never look for compensation from the firms that members put their money in. Every bit of transaction and information is carried out transparently. If there are areas that may result in conflict, they inform the members beforehand.


Glenorchy Capital

Capitalist Exploits Review - Glenorchy Capital

Glenorchy Capital is a packaged fund management firm whose aim is to provide highly profitable investment returns under its trading members’ management.

They go looking into world trades targeting areas with high-value potential and where profits can be made. Everyone does not quite know those markets; instead, they have their portfolios of the necessary investment.

They target long term investing, and each manager is allowed to be in a given position for only five years, where they can analyze a whole sector and not personal equity. Glenorchy Capital is legally registered and licensed to carry its businesses across the world.

Joining the investment group does not require much only that one needs to have a broker’s account with them, which can be gotten through registration.

It is founded by Chris MacIntosh, who has been known for starting and building millions of dollars’ worth of businesses in the investments platforms where he has seen venturing capital of tens of millions of dollars raised.

The company is global and provides investment solutions to businesses and private individuals across the world.  Before founding the company, Chris has had a broad career working with other investment companies that included a banking institution.

An influential co-founder of Glenorchy Bradley McFadden has been working in a bank in SA (South Africa), and his main task was dealing with the books of accounts. He has experience working in a similar environment in Australia, which has given him diverse knowledge in areas to do with asymmetric payoffs.

After managing high net worth private client finances at Henry Ansbacher, Brad managed a proprietary trading book for Rand Merchant Bank in South Africa & Australia. Brad’s specialty is to identify opportunities in the extreme out of favor themes globally and execute strategies to achieve asymmetric payoffs.

Glenorchy comes on board with several strategies:

  • They check on global micro-businesses and try to find out those that have fallen out of favor by being either overpriced or underpriced, and embark on changing the situation.
  • High management of risk by applying a 3:1 rule they won’t invest in a business that they are not sure of getting their returns on. Neither can they advise a client to invest in such a company. They have to carry out an in-depth analysis of the company first.
  • They have no correlations to other major indices. They have no relationship with the Dow or other stock market indices, making them more stable since they don’t depend on how up or down the stock market has done.
  • Their investment is based on a theme: They are mainly concerned with when the business will recover, and never with if the company would recover.
  • Reducing the risks by sizing position: They don’t invest heavily in a business; instead, they slowly, portion after portion, until they get a company’s grip and understand how it runs.
  • Arbitration of the market’s impatience: Most fund managers work under pressure to bring in the profits. Glenorchy uses the chance to work slowly and long-term without looking at the immediate but, preferably long term plans.

The firm provides an exclusive invite-only investment plan for experienced and qualified financials and this target individual with high returns. After selection, the individuals are provided with in-depth descriptions of their company, a direct call from one of the starters, and a green light to proceed with investments.


Member Feedback

On checking on the members who have used Capitalists Exploits as either investors and newsletter subscribers, we noted that most of them gave the firm a five thumb. For example, one client claimed that the company’s ideas in their newsletter were the best.

The client also went further to claim that the returns versus the risk were balanced.  They said that they enjoyed the investment ideologies in the newsletters.

Capitalist Exploits Trustpilot Review from Customer 2

Another positive feedback featured the investment frameworks and the investing group in the firm. They said that the ideas were full of insight and can be practiced by any severe individual who wants to have an economic impact on their lives.

They talked about how wonderful the investment community is and praised the highest level of experience they had.

One of the clients also mentioned Capitalist Exploits, Chris, terming him the current investment world’s sharpest mind. Having an interest in upcoming technology and investing in value, he says that the founder has been perfect in the areas, being among the first people to invest in Bitcoin.

The client further claimed that Capitalists Exploits had provided him with a chance to invest in crypto and other businesses, including industries that had been ignored at first by the other investors.

Another client goes ahead and calls the firm’s newsletters as a perfect investment philosophy.  They say that they have been following the firm for close to five years and had had a very remarkable trading portfolio. They claim to have renewed their membership due to the financial gains that they could gain through the company’s investment advice.

Another investor whose investment returns in a year went exceedingly to overtake her annual cost. Due to the gains, she says shell stick with the company’s investment portfolio.

The last feedback to the future comes from another investor whose impression is how the firm observes markets and how they approach investment. They say that Capitalist Exploits is a good value for investors’ money.

We failed to come across any negative feedback regarding Capitalists Exploits, meaning that most clients were satisfied by what the company does and like the information provided through their newsletters.

Pros & Cons

It’s better to look at both sides of the coin. Sometimes a company may have its negative or positive points. Let us examine the Pros and Cons of Capitalists Exploits.

  • The firm offers high-class subscriptions: timely, profound, well researched, and most recent investment provision.
  • Capitalist Exploits has a month-long provision that allows members to return their investment if they are not satisfied giving their money protection.
  • The firm strives to deliver a high return on investment because they carry a severe analysis of investment portfolios and participate in the investment using their own money, which encourages the potential clients who see it as safe for their money.
  • It may be difficult for a few investors to work with them since they may not know exactly where and how the company gets its investment information, which to some people may look more speculative and make them fear investing.
  • Capitalist Exploits does not run trials for their services, and one has to make an upfront payment, making it hard for a doubtful investor to join them. Some might feel that the firm is not reputable, hence, send them away from the investment.
  • The fees payable in the form of subscriptions have an extended payment period since a single one would last for a whole year. To some clients, this might be seen as an over-commitment that might not guarantee them returns for such a long period.


Unique Investment Opportunity

There’s an huge investment opportunity going on right now! In the aftermath of the global crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chains across the globe is broken and this leads to various difficulties and opportunities. In the core of all this lies agriculture.

Watch the video to learn more about this unique investment and how you can expect to multiply your invested funds over a fairly short period of time.

Capitalist Exploits - Insider Our Investment in Agriculture



As explained above, the founder of Capitalists Exploits has plaid a significant role in coming up with a product that helps investors by providing relevant information concerning the investment opportunities available across the globe.

The company saves time for busy investors who, instead of wasting time researching for working investment portfolios, instead, through Chris’s guidance, put their money in a single pot and invest, ending up saving time that they can use for other persona activities.

The investment information that Chris has come to the rescue of average persons who have been able to live their dreams where other openings have failed. Still, the company offers free weekly newsletters that have seen many change their lives economically.

Lastly, Capital Exploits’ ability to take its time while investing in a business and avoid the trap of rushing under pressure may have helped the company have a higher success rate since, as seen above, most fund managers are under pressure to perform. However, the company’s strategy is quite different from the approach.

After conducting this Capitalist Exploits review, we at TradingGator will definitely recommend their research newsletters to our readers.


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